travel log | virginia’s wine country and the hope and glory inn

A few snaps from a past weekend sipping, biking and eating our way through northern Virginia wine country. Of note, the incredible Hope & Glory Inn exceeded expectations in every way. We stayed in one of the adorable cottages and happily went off the grid. Just a short bike ride away is the vineyard of […]


travel log \\ tuscany in black and white (3 of 3)

Black and white film never disappoints. A selection of favorites from our time in Montepulciano. Please make this authentic little town a priority on your next Tuscan visit. Ciao, Italia! Until next time! All scans in posts 1-3 by Photovision (all Portra400 kodak film shot on a Pentax645). Black and white is 400tmax from Kodak.


travel log \\ tuscan countryside tour (2 of 3)

Ahh..Tuscany. I’ve been waiting my entire life for you. We drove a tiny Fiat500 through the ancient hills of Tuscany, sleep deprived 2 year old in tow, during a heatwave (Lucifer, remember?) and it was still magical. Scroll down for comments and tips! We arrived in the tiny town of Lucarelli and just happened to […]


travel log \\ firenze, italy (part 1 of 3)

Scans from Italy just came in from Photovision and I am reliving every moment. Our trip began with four days in Florence, and we brought along Fiona. This was her second trip to Florence and it was pretty awesome to revisit some of our fave spots and eateries with a 2.5 year in tow! The […]


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